Attire for Clubhouse, specialty rooms and dining area

  1. Casual Country Club dress including proper golf attire is permitted.

  2. Prohibited clothing includes:  denim that is torn, fringed, ripped, thread bare or contains bleach areas; bathing attire; gym jogging or coaching shorts; (acceptable length of shorts and Ladies skirts must be no more than five (5) inches above the knee); cargo shorts or pants (cargo is defined as loose fitting pants or shorts that feature pouch pockets stitched on the outside along the legs); cut offs; mesh shirts; tube or halter tops; and any attire that is torn for effect or is any way revealing.

  3. The determination of what is proper shall at all times be at the discretion of the General Manager,

  4. Gentlemen are required to remove their hats while in the Clubhouse Dining Room and Grill Room areas to be served. Gentlemen may wear golf shirts with collars and/or mock turtle neck shirts with a 1-inch minimum collar.

  5. Main Dining Room - After 4 pm: only Evening Country Club Casual is permitted. Gentlemen must wear long pants.

  6. Grill Room at all times: Proper golf course attire is permitted.